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Prospect DVD Fallイメージ
Prospect DVD Fallイメージ
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Prospect DVD Fall

Yamagata Railway Flower Nagai Line is a local line running in a peaceful countryside, in a basin surrounded by mountains.
In this DVD, we can see the scenery of idyllic “autumn” of such Flower Nagai line and Yamagata prefecture setting area.

Not only the scenery of the train running in the country, but also the picture taken from the seat of the driver’s cab which can not ride normally. Also, there are pictures until the train enters the vehicle base that is not normally allowed to enter.

Please enjoy the Furawa Nagai line of autumn with a little traveling mood.

In addition, as a privilege of online ordering, we will enclose an operation schedule table at the time of recording.

Price:2000yen (tax included)

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