Fulfill your childhood dream! One day getting to work as a dream railroad staff

Yamagata Prefecture Shirataka cho Home town return tax rebate

Limited to 10 people


Fulfill your childhood dream!
One day getting to work as a dream railroad staff

A valuable experience at the Flower Nagai Line, the only local line running in the southern part of Yamagata Prefecture.
Railroad employee experience lucky bag that fulfills the childhood dreams, such as “conductor business” and “station manager work”, with the custom nameplate of my name and genuine uniforms, becoming “a railroad staff of admiration”.

Date of implementation September – December 2017 Saturday · Sunday · HolidaysPlease apply until 2 weeks in advance 2 weeks ago.
Because there are many cases of applicants, we are very sorry but we may ask you from 1st desired day to 2nd desired date ~ 3rd desired date.
Implementation site Yamagata Railway Flower Nagai Line between Arato Station and Nagai Station
Dissolution of set Yamagata Railway Arato Station (Shiratakamachi Arato-kou)
Lucky bag content
  • ●Special name plate, lending uniform of Yamagata Railway
  • ●Guide and department by dialect guide of Yamagata Railway Flower Nagai Line
  • ●Lunch is sukiyaki of tomato
  • ●Work experience such as ticket gating (dutch and punch) and in-car broadcasting
  • ●Visit a vehicle base and get on a Russell car
  • ●Yamagata Railway Flower Nagai Line 1 day Experience Entry Certificate awarded
  • ●A maximum of 5 participants can be accompanied by one participant
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※Among the rates are lunch fee and the price of boarding fee included.

※Insurance fee is not included, so please understand.

※A separate 3,000 yen (lunch included) will be charged for each accompanying participant fee.

※Experienced persons are those who are 18 years of age or older regardless of gender. (Excluding companions)

Hometown tax payment return goods

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9:00 Arato station building front assembly
Changing into uniforms Near-ending conductor · Entry ceremony (awarded nameplate · Declaration of Safety Program)
Experiences of Arimasu station staff such as tour of vehicle base, dutch / punch
10:22 210D (Upward Arato → Imaizumi) Dialect Guide
Building of trace of tablet exchange
11:09 207D (descending Imaizumu → Koguwa)
Dialect guide
Koguwa station / lunch (sukiyaki of tomatoes · Tsuyama princess onigiri) · Occasional conference · Wicket experience

Shirataka cho Tomato Sukiyaki PDFPDF


13:04 214D (Uki Koguwa → Nagai)
13:45 Take Nagai / Russel ride experience · Visit the exhibition on the 1st floor of the main office (railway model / railway musume figure)
15:14 213 D (Nagai → Arato) We recruit applicants and tell customers who use Nagai Line the local train love in dialect guide style
15:35 Arato / Awards conferred · Original hard ticket awarded · Change of clothes
16:00 Dissolution
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→The accompanying person should attach to the place where you can see the 100th anniversary can batch of Flower Nagai Line. This is a present!


Please confirm from the following link for details.

“Shirataka cho in Yamagata Prefecture”

“Hometown Choice Shirataka Town”

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