Ayukai ringo design label wine appeared!

Limited to 250 each red / white!

There is also a box of the design of the railway “Ayukai ringo”!

Daughter Musume “Ayako apple” wine of design label has appeared!
Please pick it up and have it taste!

Nanyang City along the Nagai Line is said to be the birthplace of grapes in Yamagata Prefecture, and the winery boasts one in the prefecture.
Delicious grape production area Please enjoy the wine made with the popular winery of Nanyo city.

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Product name Flower Railway Wine
price 2,376 yen (tax included)
capacity 720ml
Product Details

Red(Dry and alcohol content 12%)
Ingredients: Black · Queen, Berry Alicant A

White(Sweet mouth · alcohol content 8%)
Ingredients: Delaware, Niagara

Manufacturer Oura Winery
Yamagata ken Nanyo Akayu 312
Selling agency Kojima Yousyu Co., Ltd.
Yamagata Prefecture Yonezawa City 8 – chome 5 – 1 Kanekei
Remarks ※Drinking alcohol for underage is prohibited by law.
※Please handle with bottles carefully.

Sales location

Yamagata TAS Birthday Museum

Yamagata Prefecture Nagai City 6-27 Kanamachi Northern District
The net shop Here

Station station Nanyo

In Namyang City, Yamagata Prefecture, within JR Aoyama station

Liquor store of 300 years after its foundation “Yuuki Sake Brewery”

Yamagata prefecture Nanyo city Yusuka 1605-4

For wine handling please contact each store.
※We do not sell at Yamagata Railway, so please be forewarned.

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Departure station
Destination station
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