Information on Advertisement for Flower Nagai Line in Vehicle

Flower Nagai Line …

  • ■There are 17 stations on the line with a business distance of 30.5 km, which connects Shirataka-cho ruins from Akayu in Nanyang.
  • ■24 operations a day up and down. We also contact Yamagata Shinkansen, JR Ouhamamoto Line, Yonezaka Line.
  • ■Prefectural high schools (5 schools) are adjacent, and 70% out of 600,000 people a year are high school students.
  • ■Several medical institutions, tourist facilities, sights, cultural facilities etc. are adjacent.
    Branch wide area hospital (Regional disaster base hospital) Guinness Book certification Japan’s first wooden refractory Nanyang City Culture Center

Why do not you advertise inside the car of Furawa Nagai line full of charm like this!

  • ○There are many regular users of high school students, and it is a medium that is routinely and repetitively contacted 365 days.
  • ○You can advertise to all 6 Furayagajirain lines, and there are many opportunities to touch passengers’ eyes.
  • ○It is a medium attached to the living environment of users, such as commuting, school attendance, etc. It is a medium that is highly likely to enter into a vision of being compelled to “eye in nature”.

Madoka Poster

  • Since the basic size is B3 (wide is also possible), it is possible to develop advertisements with impact as well as poster posters.
  • Because the posting period is over one month, it is a medium that can appeal to images while increasing the penetration rate to passengers.
  • example
    Reference photo

About specification of Madoro poster

  • ●Please use Riki / 180 kg of high quality paper, coated paper, art paper etc.
  • ●We will base offset printing.
  • ●It is also available in wide. (Wide fee is single × 2)
Route name Driving section Post period Carry-in number Advertisement rate · Single (tax excluded) Application
Flower Nagai Line Akayu ~ Arato 1 month 6 10,000 yen 1 car for each vehicle
3 months 24,000 yen
6 months 42,000 yen
12 months 72,000 yen

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Yamagata Railway Co., Ltd. (No.10, Sakae-cho, Nagai-shi, 993-0084)
TEL:0238-88-2002 FAX:0238-88-5187
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