Flower Nagai Line Vehicle: Information on hanging advertisement & face value advertisement recruitment

Flower Nagai Line …

  • ■Route of 17 stations 30.5 km (about one hour one way) connecting Shirataka machi with Akayu in Nanyo City.
  • ■12 trucks up and down one day. Also contact Yamagata Shinkansen, JR Ou main line, Yonesaka line.
  • ■The annual number of users is 600,000, of which 70% are high school students.
  • ■Tourist facilities, sightseeing spots, sightseeing spots, cultural institutions, etc.), located in the area along the Nanyo City Cultural Center with the Japan’s first wooden fireproof structure accredited by Guinness).

Advertisement recommendation point in the car

  • ○Basic is B3, advertising development with impact is possible.
  • ○Because the posting period is one year, it is a medium that can increase the penetration rate to passengers and appeal the image.

Hanging advertisement & face value advertisement image

  • <Hanging advertisement>


  • <Face value advertisement>


Specification · Fee

Type Standard Driving section Period Number of sheets Advertisement rate Remarks
Hanging advertisement B3 Akayu ~ Arato 1 year 10 sheets 84,000 yen Back side set
Three transverse struts
Long ad 1
Single 2
【6 locations】
Face value advertisement B3 Akayu ~ Arato 1 year 4 sheets 30,000 yen 1 place 4 places = 1 vehicle
20 sheets 120,000 yen 1 place 4 places = 5 vehicles
36cm×82cm 3 sheets 120,000 yen Box vehicle 【2 places】 = 3
51.5cm×79cm 4 sheets 130,000 yen Box, symbol vehicle

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Yamagata Railway Co., Ltd. (No.10, Sakae-cho, Nagai-shi, 993-0084)
TEL:0238-88-2002 FAX:0238-88-5187
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Access Time/Fare Information

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