The 2nd Flower Nagai Line Utilization Expansion Symposium

The Yamagata Railway Flower Nagai Line continues to be in a severe business situation, but in FY2008 it achieved the first time in about 20 years to become “profitable.”
It is a “strategy meeting” that everyone talks about what needs to be done in order to maintain the railway as the legs of all the residents along the railway line.

Symposium Holding Information

Date and time 2018.3.17{Saturday} 15:00~16:00
Venue michinoeki: Minato river Nagai · Exhibition space
Entry fee free
Advance application No need
Sponsorship Flower Nagai Line Usage Expansion Council

There is Oranda radio publicly recorded.
There are visitor benefits! Feel free to join us, anyone!

Please see the PDF for details.


Secretariat of Flower Nagai Line Usage Expansion Council
Nagai City Community Planning Promotion Division


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