Local Line Wrestling 2018

“Local Line Pro Wrestling” to be held on Saturday, September 29, 2018!


(1) Downline A Block train 【charged】

10:45 Akayu station Nagai line gather at home · reception
11:08 Departure from Akayu station
11:52 Arrival at Nagai Station

(2) Uplink B block train 【charged】

11:30 Collection and acceptance at Nagai station building
12:11 Depart from Nagai Station
Return Arato station
12:54 Arrival at Nagai Station

(2) Match of Nagai Ekimae Special Ring [Free]

14:00~ Three games scheduled

The main event is a PWLL indiscriminate class battle! !

Participating players

【A block train】
The Great Sasuke
Taro Nohashi
Ayumu Gunji
Jiro Kesenuma
Oosera Yasutaka
【B block train】
Dick Togo
Koji Kawamura
Yamagata Shinkansen Tsubasa
Hyugaji Rui


(1) A block train · (2) B block train each seat is 10,000 yen. (tax included)
(3) Nagai Ekimae Battle at the special ring can be seen for free.
For those who take the A · B block pro-wrestling train, you can see it at the special seat even at the Nagai station front.

Purchase application

For those who wish to purchase a ride ticket or other items for purchase, write items ① to ⑥ in the mail text and send it to the address below.
① Name
② Reading
③ Address (〒)
④ Phone number
⑤ Date and time when a call is available
⑥ Products you wish to purchase
[Destination address]

For more information, go to the facebook page!

Access Time/Fare Information

Departure station
Destination station
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