Yamagata Railway Backup Project

Using the Yamagata Railway vehicle and railway facilities,
Will not you fulfill your dream?
~Yamagata Railway Backup Project~

  • ●Those who like Flower Nagai Line
  • ●Those who like train
  • ●Those who would like to become a station steward day
  • ●Those who would like to surprise

Please apply for anyone else!

Qualification requirements

  • ●No age at all
  • ●From anywhere in the country OK

What is Yamagata Railroad Backup Project?


  • An example
    ・Confession at the surprise great strategy
    ・One day the station manager (lending uniforms, solo exhibitions at unmanned stations, etc.)
    ・Borrow one box a day (box shop etc.) etc

We will do our utmost to help you plan!
※Depending on the content may not be accepted.


“Do not you make memorable memories by using Yamagata Railway vehicles and facilities? ”
Yamagata Railway will help you make those memories!

As an example…

On that day, we pray at Kumano Taisha.
I call it to a partner because of Nagai station ‘s home appointment.
Proposal from the 2nd floor of the head office before the train comes!
Have it stay at home,
Two people by train to Miyauchi Station.
I will get on the train as it is.
Go to Kumano Taiseisha and find the legend of marriage 3 rabbits, happy GET ☆

Example of cost…

  • Train fare fee・・・・・・・・・Nagai Station → Miyauchi Station (520 yen × number of people)
    Staff accompany cost (including gasoline)・・・・・・・2,000 yen
    Other sundry expenses・・・・・・・・・Usage
    ※Prepare rings etc. yourself. Please understand that we will not bear the cost.

Planning and expenses are examples. We will consider required consultation at the meeting.

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