We accept reserved trains!

Yamagata Railway offers service of reserved trains according to customer’s request!
We will respond to various requests from meetings to banquets, class meetings and weddings. Please use all means.

Charged rate Arato station ⇔ Akayu station roundtrip
¥60,000-(tax included)

212D Arato station 11: 46 ⇒ depart from Nagai station 12: 0 7 ⇒ from Imaizumi station 12: 18 ⇒ arrive at Akayu station 12:38
211D From Akayu station 13: 29 ⇒ From Imaizumi station 13: 56 ⇒ From Nagai station 14: 06 ⇒ Arato station arrival 14: 26

For other times, please contact us.

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  • シンボル車両ロゴ
  • シンボル車両内観
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We prepare draft beer, cuisine, soft drink etc. according to your budget.
Consultation of surprise directing, planning, music etc. are also available.

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