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Yamagata Railway Tetsu Card Information

Company name Yamagata Railway Co.,Ltd.
Issuance start date From August 8, 2018
Issue condition ① Please offer to the window of issuing station.
※ Because it is a limited number of sheets it will end as soon as it gets lost.
Issuing station Flower Nagai Line: Miyauchi Station, Nagai Station
Other We do not issue when the station counter is closed.
We will give gifts to purchasers.

What is Tetsu card?

Tetsu card

It is a trading card issued by a railroad company, the table contains photographs of railroads and the back has become a company introduction etc.
Basically it is prepared for promotion and boarding promotion and it will be distributed according to each railway company scheduled to be distributed such as goods sale, ride, goods at the station etc. bought goods etc.

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