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Name Yamagata Railway Co.,Ltd.
Address 1-10, Sakae-machi, Nagai-shi, Yamagata-ken tel:0238-88-2002 fax:0238-88-5187

Foundation Apr. 20th, 1988

Opening Oct. 25th, 1988 (Continue from JR Nagai Line)

Captial Authorized capital 6 hundred millions yen
Paid-in capital 478 millions 450 thousands yen
Sales Structure Business range Akayu~Arato 30.5KM
Number of stations 17
Number trains 6
Travel business 1 shop
Corporate Symbol Motif of mountain standing for Yamagata-ken
Exterior panel Pink – Spring = Sakura(Youthful)
Green – Summer = Crop / Fruit (Fresh)
Orange – Autumn = Harvest (Cheerful)
White – Winter = Snow (Beautiful)
Car NO.2 Symbol car(Dining car) Wrapped with rosette
Car NO.3 Shirataka-town Wrapped with safflower
Car NO.4 Nanyo-shi Wrapped with sakura
Car NO.6 Nagai-shi wrapped with iris
Car NO.7 Wrapped with “Railway Girl”
Car NO.8 Kawanishi-town Wrapped with Dariya
Nickname Flower Liner
Line Name Flower Nagai Line

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