History of Nagai Line

The Nagai Keiben Line between Akayu and Ringou was opened as the feet of citizens living around in 1913 (Taisho 2nd year), and the line is extended to Nagai in the following year.
From then on, with the support from the people, in 2014 ( Heisei 26the year) comes the 100th year of the Line. We thank you very much.

1912(Taisho 1st year) Construction of Nagai Keiben Line started.
1913(Taisho 2nd year) Oct. 26th Nagai Keiben Line opend (from Akayu to Ringou)
1914(Taisho 3nd year) Nov. 15th Nagai Keiben Line opened (from Ringou to Nagai)
1922(Taisho 11th year) Sep. 2nd Nagai Keiben Line is renamed as Nagai Line
1922(Taisho 11th year) Dec. 11th Nagai Line opend (from Nagai to Ayukai)
1923(Taisho 12nd year) Apr. 22th Nagai Line completely opened (from Ayukai to Arato)
1954(Showa 29th year) Nov. 15th Passenger trains were replaced with diesel multiple units
1959(Showa 34th year) Jun. 1st Nishi Miyauchi Station was opened
1960(Showa 35th year) May 20th Minami Nagai Station was opened
1968(Showa 43rd year) Jun. 27th The union to carry the continuance and revolution of Nagai Line was inaugurated
1972(Showa 47th year) Oct. 1st “Goodbye, SL” was implemented
1980(Showa 55th year) Dec. 27th “The special measures law for promotion of rebuilding the business of Japanese national railway” was established
1986(Showa 61st year) Oct. 28th Approved as the 3rd Special Local Traffic Line
1986(Showa 61st year) Dec. 3rd The 1st Unity Measure council on Nagai Specific Local Traffic was held
1987(Showa 62nd year) Apr. 30th The 2nd Unity Measure council on Nagai Specific Local Traffic was held
Agreement with continuance as the 3rd sector railway.
1988(Showa 63th year) Mar. 24th The 2nd Unity Measure council on Nagai Specific Local Traffic was held
The meeting of promoter of Yamagata Railway Corporation was held.
Apr. 20th The general meeting for promotion of Yamagata Railway Corporation was held.
Apr. 26th Yamagata Railway Corporation was registered.
May 28th The first type of license for railway business was acquired
Approved as the alternative transportation operator of Minister of Transport
Oct. 25th The business of Yamagata Railway Co.,Ltd. was started
Nishi Miyauchi Station was renamed as Orihata
Nanyo City Hall Station was set up
1989(Heisei 1st year) Dec. 6th Travel business was started
1989(Heisei 1st year) Dec. 16th Shirousagi Station opened
1990(Heisei 2nd year) Jul. 30th Added 2 diesel multiple units. (8 in summary)
1992(Heisei 4th year) Apr. 1st Ayukai Station was rebuilt. Fureai Square opened.(Shirataka town)
1992(Heisei 4th year) Jul. 1st Yamagata Shinkansen opened. The special train for group passengers to Kumanotaisha was stoped to use.
1994(Heisei 6th year) Apr. 1st Koguwa Station was rebuilt(Shirataka town)
1994(Heisei 6th year) Dec. 1st Applied Automatic Train Stop-Signal New type (ATS-SN) devices
1955(Heisei 7th year) Mar. 25th New base building of Yamagata Railway Co.,Ltd. was completed.
1996(Heisei 8th year) Jan. 10th Began to introduce terminal of JR tickets for reserved seats into Travel Center.
1996(Heisei 8th year) Dec. 1st Rebuild of Tokiniwa(Community Center) was started.
1997(Heisei 9th year) Mar. 20th Office building for Arato operation office and CTC Center was completed
1997(Heisei 9th year) Mar. 22nd Stop the entrance to Imaizumi~Nagai from JR Yonezawa
1997(Heisei 9th year) Oct. 23rd Start to use Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) device.
1998(Heisei 10th year) Oct. 25th A ceremony to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of Flower Nagai Line was held
1999(Heisei 11 year) Jul. 5t Ringou Station was rebuilt (by log-house Nanyo shi)
1999(Heisei 11 year) Dec. 1st Revised fares meanly 10%
2000(Heisei 12th year) Apr. 23rd commemoration of the 77th anniversary of the opening of Nagai Line. Operation of Cycle train.
2002(Heisei 14th year) Jun. 9th Ayame koen Station opened.
2005(Heisei 17th year) Aug. 28th Nagai Junior Chamber set up a huge mural at Nagai Station
2006(Heisei 18th year) Jan. 30th “Gallery Station” was set up at Nagai Station by volunteers.
2006(Heisei 18th year) Oct. 16th Awarded the special award of Japan Railroad Prize
2007(Heisei 19th year) Oct. 13th Shikinosato Station opened (Shirataka town)
2008 (Heisei 20th year) Oct. 14th Mogamigawakyouryou was chosen as Civil Engineering Heritage
2008 (Heisei 20th year) Nov. 9th Mogamigawakyouryou was approved by Japan Society of Civil Engineers as Civil Engineering Heritage
2009(Heisei 21th year) Feb. 23rd Mogamigawakyouryou was approved as Heritage of Industrial Modernization, Ministry of Economy
2015(Heisei 27th year) Aug. 4th Nishiotsuka Station(Tateya / platform) and Uzennarita Station (Tateya) were approved as Registered Tangible Cultural Properties of Agency for Cultural Affairs

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