Privacy Policy

Yamagata Railway Co. treat the personal information of customers seriously, and try our best to protect customers’ privacy. The personal information of customers shall be used cautiously.

Commonly, information of customers including address and name is not necessary to provide to use this website.
However in some cases, part of the personal information ( name, address, post number, telephone number, mail address) may be needed. Only in the necessary range defined by the Law of Telecommunication Sale Business, and with the agreement of customers, shall the information be collected from customers, which shall be used for the purpose limited by the Law of Telecommunication Sale Business including order receiving / sending and introduction of online plan of this website. The information shall only be used for the purpose that is informed to the customers.

Yamagata Railway Co. shall managed the information stored in this website from customers strictly. To protect the stored information from loss, damage, illegal leakage, tempering, and illegal access, we shall construct practical security strategy. We shall properly manage the personal information, and do not provide or disclosure the information to a third party.

But, we may disclosure / provide the information without the permission of customers in the cases below.

  • ◇When we are requested to disclosure / provide the information according to the law. When the Health Center or Police Station request to disclosure / provide according to the law.
  • ◇When it is necessary for protecting human’s life, body or property, and it is difficult to acquire the permission from customers.
  • ◇When a government organization, local government or organization entrusted by them requests the corporation for business prescribed in the law, and it may be a hitch to require the permission from customers.
  • ◇When it is necessary judged by Yamagata Railway Co. to use personal information to achieve the purpose of management, we may provide / disclosure the information to trustees / cooperation destination who could be trusted to protect and manage the information properly.

When Yamagata Railway Co. receive the request from customers to disclosure, correct, delete their information, Yamagata Railway Co. shall respect the willing of customers, disclosure, correct or delete the information in a reasonable time after confirming the request is from the identical person. If the customer want to inform, disclosure, correct, delete or stop the use of information, or if the customer has any problem about the information stored by Yamagata Railway Co. , please contact Yamagata Railway Co. Secretariat.

In some cases, Yamagata Railway Co. may send the personal information provided from customers to trustees / cooperation destination that can be trusted to protect / manage the information properly by email or other approach.

When someone under 18 years old want us to provide, or want to buy the personal information, permission from parents or other guardians is needed.

This website will collect IP address for system management. And the IP address may be used for research on the use situation. In the case protect the service or right of this site, protect other users, or to follow the policy, the IP address may be used for identification.

To provide better service, there are some pages using the technique that is called “Cookie”. “Cookie” is set up for translating information such like user information or access history between web browser and server. If the customer don’t want to use Cookie, please change the setting of web browser.

Yamagata Railway Co. will continuously review and improve the content of privacy policy. Please understand that content of this policy will be updated. And the policy will be effective by the same time.

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