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  • 車内会議


    Meeting in the train

    Don’t you want to have a meeting in decided 1 hour, and be in the train even if the meeting is long? By organize the meeting depending the time arriving each station, you can concentrate on the meeting, just as what the favorable receptions told us! It will be a absolutely high quality meeting!

  • 矢印
  • 宴会列車

    Party Train

    You can hold the party while see the peaceful sight along local railway through the window, and you will feel refreshed running across the countryside of Okitama. We received a lot of receptions like “The short trip make the friendship between us deeper”.


Please leave it to Yamagata Railway

Hors d’oeuvre / Stage / Mic×3 / Carpet

We will prepare everything you need including the meeting table, carpet, setting of stage, and from the drink to the hors d’oeuvre. Of course it’s OK to take in food by yourself. The chartered train is ready for you to use freely.※No power source


We are with the thanks everyday.

Round trip charter:60,000 yen(tax included)

※There is limited price such like Eating-Drinking Plan for customers living along the railway.

Reservation / Contact Us

※Please apply for reservation 1 month in advance.


Contact us by email from here.

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