Information of sightseeing along the railways

Tourist spots around Nagai Line.

There are a lot of tourist spots such like famous place, historic spot, gourmet, etc.. We will introduce the real time information about sightseeing, please have a look before you set off.

The information will be displayed if you click the mark on the map.

  • 駅マーク

    …Stations along the Flower Nagai Line.

  • 桜マーク

    …Okitama Sakura Corridor

  • 花マーク

    …Flower Nagai Line Flower Corridor

  • 日本酒マーク

    …Flower Nagai Line Sakagura Corridor

  • ワインマーク

    …Akayu Hot-spring Wine Corridor

  • 温泉マーク

    …Flower Nagai Line One Day Bath Trip

  • 雛人形マーク

    …Flower Nagai Line Hina Corridor

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Information of sightseeing along the railways

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