Character Introduction

There are popular characters at Flower Nagai Line.
I am willing to promote Nagai Line with everyone else together!

  • 鮎貝りんご


    Yamagata Railway Co.,Ltd. / Station service department

    ・I like rabbit station manager ”Mochii” very much. I like “Ringo” a lot too.

    ・I joined the brass band club when I was a student. Influenced by the movie I like most, I am good at Jazz music.

    ・I like the flowers blooming along the railway.

    ※Station service department of Yamagata Railway Co.,Ltd.

    ※The name is from Ayukai Station and Ringou

  • もっちぃ・てん・ぴーたー

    Mochii,Ten and Petter

    This is rabbit station manager Mochii, staff Ten and Peter.
    2The 3 staffs accede to the Miyauchi Station and protect Miyauchi Station from 2010. Kamekichi is also working here as a assistance although he is not a full-timer.
    All of the staffs are trying their best to make sure everyone could enjoy themselves.

  • 未定


    In preparation

Access Time/Fare Information

Departure station
Destination station
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