Yamatetsu Report vol.13


Yamatetsu Report vol.13

Yamatetsu Report vol.13

There are a lot of delicious things along the Flower Nagai Line!
This is a gourmet repo around a shop along the Nagai line with one person this time!

  • 1-0
    Gourmet corner

    Ayumi: Hello everyone!
    It is the first Yamatetsu report!
    I jumped out the train this time …

    Ayumi: It is a gourmet corner along the railway!
    We introduce delicious one minute walk in front of the station!

    Ayumi: Three shops this time!
    There is a stylish cafe and a staple lunch and gourmet along the route.

    Ayumi: Good food is a must for traveling!
  • 2-0Akayu station square “Donguriya”

    Ayumi: You can see it if you walk in front of Akaiyu Station East Exit opposite Nagai Line Akayu Station
    The name is “Donguriya”!

    Ayumi: The popular menu is the pork bowl called Tokachi specialty
    The representative who was working in Tokachi Obihiro took off and opened a shop!
    Menu A, B, C where ramen and pork bowl were set is full of sense of value!
    Mochii: Acorn?
    Ayumi: Not there

    Ayumi: Wow! I came, Mochii! Set menu of cold noodles and pork bowl
    After all summer is cold ramen noodles

    Mochii: It’s simple.
    Ayumi: A long time ago, it was served with pork, which is said to have the same nutrition as expensive eel.
    There is a commitment that ramen can not put in the ingredients to argue such as green onion and menma!
  • 3-0Pork bowl set menu

    Ayumi: Well! The sweet potato-like sauce adds local concentrated soy sauce, and the balance of sweetness and saltiness is entwined in the rice to further enhance the juicyness of the meat …!
    The taste that the moth does not stop
    The compatibility with the yams is unbearable!

    Ayumi: Yo Shi, cold ramen also
    Mochii: Early! ?

    Ayumi: A thin, long, custom-made noodle that tastes in a simple, easy-to-use tasteful soup is delicious.
    Fried balls and pepper also match

    Ayumi: Is it unusual for people outside the prefecture? You also have a set of cold noodles!
    Next is “鮎” set meal is also good
    Mochii: Ayumi, I feel fast
  • 4-0Minami Nagai Station Line “SENN”

    Ayumi: Next is “Cafee & Dining SENN × Tanita Cafe” There is also a collaboration menu with Tanita Cafe with a concept of fun and delicious health!
    By the way, it is also the first guest house in Okishima!

    Ayumi: A popular cafe for high school students!
    Recommended here is the Moussaka plate!

    Ayumi: Moussaka is a traditional Greek dish! I have arranged a little to be easy to offer
    Mochii: You can only eat here in this area, right?
     Ayumi:  Yeah!

    Ayumi: Owners offer traditional dishes from around the world on lunch plates
    Chilecon carne from America
    This is the collaboration menu of Tanita Cafe!
  • 5-0Beautifully from within the body

    Ayumi: Hot potato mashed potato compatibility with cheese!
    Yonezawa beef entwined with tomato sauce in the lower layer, the presence of the best bred meat grown in Yonezawa is also the best!

    Ayumi: ! Mochii eats green tea parfait!
    Mochii:  Yeah!
    Ayumi:  It’s also good when you want to calm down because the desserts are plentiful!

    Mochii: Mufufu, Umauma! The sourness of yogurt in the sweetness of matcha tea is good!
    Ayumi:  Because this parfait is combined with gluten-free granola, it is made to be healthy from the inside of the body

    Mochii: It is a must for Mochii with the title of Biei!
    Ayumi: Certainly, it’s a beautiful woman. The real thing is
    Mochii:  Real?
  • 5-0Nagai Ekimae “Yamanoshita”

    Ayumi: This last is “Cafe & Lunch Yamanoshita”
    As Yamatetsu headquarters are right there, I am indebted!

    Ayumi: The staple menu of this shop with many repeaters is Sono curry
    In fact, it is representative curry of Nagai
    Mochii: Here Mochii commentary ~

    Mochii: It was a topic that Nagai’s curry specialty store was built in Showa era (the name is Sono curry)
    Established as Nagai’s curry from its deliciousness
    However, the old shop of such curry has been closed while being deceived because of the husband’s death … but!
    In addition, in response to the demand of the customer who wants to eat, the recipe of the secret is reproduced by the long-established son and the Yamanoshita owner!
    I have a pot and I sometimes go buying.

    Ayumi: It’s a moderate spice, and it’s a kind and safe taste!
    It is delicious to eat as many times as it is loved by everyone now!
    Mochii: I also sell curry roux!
  • 5-0A delicious road trip

    Mochii: Oh, I’m eating Ayumi dessert!
    Ayumi:  Ehe ~
    Mochii:  All right-All right
    Ayumi:  I’ll give you

    Ayumi: Grilled pancake pancakes!
    It’s so thick that you can cut it by putting a knife! Fluffy and elegant sweetness! The smell of maple and fresh cream comes off the nose!

    Ayumi: It’s happy that you can eat such delicious food nearby!

    Ayumi: There are a lot of menus in addition to the ones I introduced, so I want everyone to visit!
    Mochii: Once you get on Nagai Line, check the menu along the way!

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