Yamatetsu Report vol.2


Yamatetsu Report vol.2

Yamatetsu Report vol.2


Hello everyone
The second time we will tell you the situation of the cherry-blossom corridor tour.
As we hold events for each season, Please check it

  • 桜回廊ツアー
    Sakura Corridor Tour


    Ayumi: This time it is a visitor from a distance!

    Ayumi: We got on Flower Nagai Line on the Yomiuri Shimbun’s Cherry Corridor Tour
    I have stayed all the way from Sapporo, Koriyama, Niigata ~

    Ayumi: It was sunny and cheerful and it was a perfect day for cherry blossom viewing!
    It is a trip of about 30 minutes between Nagai and Miyauchi

    Ayumi: 30 minutes Do not you think that it is just looking at the scenery?
    The guide which Mr. local know about is talking.
    Reputation that this is fun!
    Even on the same trip, the content to talk every time is different!
  • フラワー長井線の心
    The heart of the Flower Nagai line


    Ayumi: When the tour began, the ride commemorative tickets were handed out first
    Every person is personal delivery
    I feel like I’m gonna get something.

    Ayumi: Yes! started! Dialect guide ~
    Guide: Next is Imaizumi Station
    Four-fifths of the train gathered here

    Guide: It is the same home as Mr. JR, but Mr. JR is a reinforcing bar, a wooden house, a difference feeling!
    Mr. JP is air conditioner in the waiting room, nothing …
    Ayumi: embarrassing!

    Guide: If you sell another goods and buy it then it will be in the black, so please buy it by myself
    (I got it for you)
    Ayumi: One, strong
  • おしょうしな


    Ayumi: Collectibles sale is also done at other stations and stations in the car!
    Oshoshina ~

    Customer: Oh, what is Oshoshina?
    Ayumi: In the dialect of the south of Yamagata prefecture, in the Okinawan region, it means “thank you”
    Customer: Wow ~ I did not know ~

    Ayumi: Well, next stop at the apples
    It became the stage of the movie “Swing Girls”
    There was a train where the starring actor ‘s signature was written

    Guide: By the way, how do you know how to write “RINGOU station”?
    Is not it an apple? The apples are not stuck?
  • りんごうえき
    RINGOU station


    Guide: Well, correct answer, 梨郷 (Pear no Sato) written as
    It was pears instead of apples!

    Ayumi: Cherry blossoms are in full bloom at this station
    A station like a log house is stylish

    Customer: This cherry tree? It’s kind of white and cute.
    Ayumi: This is a cherry flower
    Before summer, flowers similar to cherry blossoms will bloom

    Ayumi: It seems to be a deliciously good station, is not it?
    Apple pear cherry
    Guide: Next is “ORIHATA” Elementary school student will learn the storyteller!
  • 宮内駅長もっちぃ
    Miyauchi Station manager Mochii


    Guide: Next is Miyauchi –
    Thank you for coming aboard
    Ayumi: Is! Already? It was in a flash!

    Ayumi: I was very happy to have a lot of people trying to put the train in the picture even after riding!

    Ayumi: And the highlight of Miyauchi Station is that the station chief!
    There are Mofumofu Mochii and station staff rabbit “Peter” too!

    Ayumi: It was as short as 30 minutes, but shortly, I will not get tired of customers!
    If you come near me remember this and ride it.

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