Yamatetsu Report vol.7


Yamatetsu Report vol.7

Yamatetsu Report vol.7

This time I will tell you about the commemoration ceremony of the 4th wrapping train ceremony.
The launch of the wrapping train also lasted this time.
What is going on about wrapping Nagai?

  • 長井駅
    Nagai Station


    Ayumi: Hello everyone
    It got cold … I already gave a kotatsu with a stove …
    Everyone is a stove fighter? Kotatsu? Both?

    Ayumi: Well well now I am at Nagai Station
    It is a memorial ceremony for the wrapping train!

    Ayumi: 2 city 2 town The last Nagai-shi wrapping train
    In the chilly days many people gathered …

    Ayumi: Kozakura kindergarten children showed us songs and dance ahead of the arrival of the train!
  • 「水と緑と花のまち・ながい」
    “Water, green and flower streets · NAGAI”


    Ayumi: Well, I’m moving home.
    Everyone will go to pick up a wrapping train!

    Ayumi: Children are also waiting for the lapping train!

    Ayumi: Nagai is famous for its pure and delicious water
    With the background of the blue image of the water,
    The flower of the city “Ayame” is the design that is blooming!

    Ayumi: We are handling Nagai Ancient species called “KozakuraHime” “Nagai small purple”
  • それぞれのお花
    Each flower


    Ayumi: With this, the wrapping train which we announced from July also has 2 cities and 2 towns!

    Ayumi: The flowers of the wrapping train are the resources and proud of each city town!

    Ayumi: There are a lot of these flowers and delicious things and wonderful sightseeing spots along the railway line too!
    I am waiting for everyone from the bottom of my heart!

    Ayumi: Please come and have a ride!

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