Yamatetsu Report vol.8


Yamatetsu Report vol.8

Yamatetsu Report vol.8

Concert in the train!
This time, we operated an event train to enjoy music and sweets in the train!
Please spend a pleasant time on the Nagai line!

  • Music train
    Music train

    Music train

    Ayumi: Hello everyone!
    Long time no see. Are you doing well?
    Music train

    Ayumi: Well this time is the report of music train.
    This train marks “Hanamusubiyori” …
    Music train

    Ayumi: The nickname was decided as “Shikisai-go”!
    Music train

    Mochii: It is a cool nickname filled with thoughts!
    Ayumi: It’s a quick report from such a “Shikisai-go”.
  • Flower concert
    Flower concert

    Flower concert

    Ayumi: Today’s main is kiyo, a singer-songwriter!
    I sang in the running train!
    Flower concert2

    Ayumi: Performing music activities in Tokyo until 2012, appearing on TV and radio
    Furthermore, I am doing Yakiniku shop and 400 basketball club team
    He is captain or high-spec.
    Flower concert3

    Mochii: yay! Kiyo! It is!
    Flower concert4

    Kiyo: Children do not have to be quiet! It’s a train that everyone is excited about!
    Mochii: La la la! La la la!
    Ayumi: If you can sing along with event train
  • Mochii is a good singer?
    Mochii is a good singer?

    Mochii is a good singer?

    Ayumi: They picked up songs to suit the customers! Truly kiyo!
    Plenty 9 songs! While enjoying the scenery it was in a blink of an eye!
    Mochii is a good singer?

    Mochii: ♪〜
    Mochii is a good singer?

    Ayumi: I want to hear from the voice of kiyo.
    Mochii is a good singer?

    Ayumi: Kiyo is also doing radio personality!
    Those who are interested please check it!
  • First ride welcome!
    First ride welcome!

    First ride welcome!

    Ayumi: There are lots of people who got on the Nagai Line for the first time on an event train.
    Half of this time is the first ride this time too! I’m glad
    First ride welcome!

    Ayumi: A nice one day free ticket was handed out to such a person.
    Also, it was a music train that you can enjoy together with the best Sweets
    First ride welcome!

    Mochii: Sweets will come out next time!
    Ayumi: I will report about sweets next time!
    First ride welcome!

    Ayumi: Well then, look forward to next time

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