Yamatetsu Report vol.10


Yamatetsu Report vol.10

Yamatetsu Report vol.10

This is the third local line professional wrestling report this year.
Enjoy entertainment wrestling on the train!

  • 1-0
    Local Line Wrestling 2017

    Ayumi: It’s held this year too! Local Line Pro Wrestling!
    Under the pleasant autumnal weather
    The professional wrestling train ran.

    Mochii: Battle Royal in the train? Are you okay?
    Ayumi:  Of course I am operating with safety in mind!

    Ayumi: Michinoku pro-wrestling based in Morioka, Tohoku, and also
    Many players gathered from All Japan Pro Wrestling.

    Ayumi: The winners of the A and B blocks compete in the special ring of Nagai Ekimae
    For the winner there is a champion belt made with Tendo-mokko!
  • 2-0Pro-wrestling train 1

    Guideer: Special rule inside the train! Limited time until arriving at the designated station!

    Guideer: Do not break things in the train
    Do not give harm to customers

    Guideer: If you missed your ring out losing!

    Guideer: First in history! You missed losing!
    By train: Please come back by yourself
  • 3-0Pro-wrestling train 2

    Guideer: Disqualified if you grab a fishing leather!

    Wrestler: Eh! What? I am disqualified! What?
    Guideer: No, I was one who grasped the fishing leather
     Wrestler:  I am disqualified! What?
     Guideer:  Tsurikawa…
     Wrestler:  I’m disqualified! What?

    Ayumi: Even within the train was a powerful full mark!

    Ayumi: Wrestler who is suffered by soap bubble for some reason
    Wrestler: My eyes hurt!
  • 4-0Ayumi …?

    Ayumi: German Soup Rex! What?
    OK! !
    Mochii: Ayumi detailed

    Ayumi: With ……… and
    As you can see, the guests were very excited!

    Mochii: Okay.
    I wonder if I can make a big difference

    Ayumi: Mochii is cute as it is Punipni
    Mochii: Complex …
  • 5-0Nagai Ekimae also has a great success!

    Ayumi: A lot of customers gathered in the special rings of Nagai Ekimae!

    Ayumi: I guess.
    Hissatsu flying head bat! !

    Ayumi: … the winner was “Mr. Nohashi Taro” of Michinoku Pro Wrestling.
    It was a fun event with autumn festival!

    Mochii: Please continue to Yamagata Railway
  • 6-0Bonus gap

    Balloon sword

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