Yamatetsu Report vol.11


Yamatetsu Report vol.11

Yamatetsu Report vol.11

This time collaboration with the four winery which Nanyo city boasts!
Symbol train runs with the special event train event train, wine number called!
※It is a report of the wine train which operated in January 2018.

  • 1-0
    Wine train

    Ayumi&Mochii: The wine train that came this year too!

    Mochii: Wine train
    Reciprocating train from Akayu
    · Compare the four winery wines boasted by Nanyo City
    · Special Tempered Bento
    · Dialect guide
    · Free day with a free ticket!

    Ayumi: The train is a familiar symbol train!
    Mochii: It’s a big success!

    Mochii: Surprises also this time! What?
    Ayumi: Have fun!
  • 2-0epitome

    Ayumi: President Nakai gave a greeting today.
    President Nakai: To get the train to go somewhere and to have the train itself enjoyable,
    We will also proceed with running various preparations of ingredients.

    Customer: Can I have sake? What?
    President Nakai: Because there is sake store in locals, we will consider it!
    Ayumi: Truly a treasure trove of food! You may be able to realize your voice!

    Ayumi: Welcome wine is premium wine of premium quality!
    Easy to drink around the mouth with a refreshing delicious!

    Guideer: Please shake the glass on the desk as it shakes
    Ayumi: It is the real pleasure unique to trains!
  • 3-0Wine Sommelier

    Guideer: Six kinds of wine prepared
    Ayumi: Oh, the taste is different …

    Ayumi: Mr. Shigeru Hisamatsu of sommelier who introduced wine!
    Mr. Hisamatsu: Firstly, look at the wine, then smell it, then feel with the mouth, make sure you cross the throat.
    Ayumi: It is an explanation unique to sommelier!

    Mr. Hisamatsu: For strong dishes such as beef and katsu, red
    White matches fresh white dishes

    Customer1: Red wine is good!
    Customer2: I may be alright with this
    Customer3: I am this
    Mr. Hisamatsu: It is also a way to drink compared with drinking
     Mochii: I like this
  • 4-0Kendama champion!?

    Ayumi: It pleasantly stopped at Nagai station
    I wonder if

    Ayumi: People rode! Although it is a rental train ~
    Everyone, you have Kendama …

    Ayumi: How! Surprise performance of Kendama world champion in car!
    Kendama pro!
    Even in a narrow car it gets awesome! I applauded it!

    Mochii: I also want to applaud Mochii …
  • 5-0Wine till the end!

    Ayumi: Well, everyone who wishes back to life …
    The lunch that seemed to be very good also goes into your stomach …

    Ayumi: But! Wine does not stop still!
    Because I’m puzzled, I have to drink a lot

    Ayumi: Actually, I also got a Nonomura Makoto who came in this train for an interview!
    I showed off my whole body magic!

    Ayumi: This time the wine train was operated with full crowd!
    Thank you!
    Mochii: The person you care about is waiting for the next opportunity!

Currently recruiting wine train participants in May and June ♪
Detail is Here!

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